Saturday, 27 August 2011

Embroidery Classes

 Embroidery and Craft Classes

I have started teaching (mainly) hand embroidery, within the craft classes that are held on Wednesdays  at the African Cultural Association, where it is also possible to learn about bag-making and other craft techniques. The classes are informal, a lot of fun and tend to cater for individual needs.
 The approach is based on sharing our knowledge and experience in what often becomes a two way process (there is no embroidery police or anything of the sort around!).
Sorting threads and making bundles

Multicoloured thread bundles

Demonstrating basic useful stitches and other techniques : how to use an embroidery  hoop (or round frame), how to transfer a design

Outlining the basic design with stem and split stitch

Filling out with chain and satin stitch


  1. Thanks Abi, and for joining. I will try and join yours as well, still learning blogology!