Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Here we Gau (a) gain

Here is some (mainly) textile jewellery I have been working on and should hopefully be on some of the on line market places pretty soon.

Faithful (yes, I can be) to my promise to be shorter and sweeter (as a blogger I mean) and more to the point, this is a very short, predominantly visual, post

This jewellery is co-inspired by Gauguin.

By co-inspired I mean that I started to make it a little bit at a time, and that includes the design process and the choice of  the colours and the materials, changing and developing them as I went along, which is my favourite method of creation. I had the urge to use certain colours specially, probably to try and counteract the excess of wintriness I was experiencing, and by that I don't mean the cold. I am not too bothered by the cold these days.
Only then I realized that those colours, shapes and the overall feeling of the almost completed items, reminded me of some of Gauguin's paintings and imagery

Necklace made of crocheted flowers  and hand rolled fabric beads

The necklace above is made of fabric beads interspersed with acrylic and glass beads featuring a slightly asymmetrical crocheted flower centrepiece topped with a semiprecious stone.  The earrings are made of the same crochet flower motif and stone.

Curiously enough the other neckpiece (something in between a necklace and a collar) too, is extremely redolent of some of Gauguin's paintings, even though the colour spectrum is quite different from the other one:

gauguin.swineherd.jpg (1044×818)

This is made of inlaid handmade felt, decorated with surface and bead embroidery and finished off with a crocheted border and a kumihimo style braid

The bottom line is that if this winter doesn't end soon (or soon enough), and the light doesn't return to the amount needed for life to be bearable, if not enjoyable, there are bound to be lots more of these, which, some may argue I hope, may not be such a bad thing after all

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